Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Palad Khik Suea Saming Karp Nang ('Tiger Changeling Grabbing a Maiden') - Ajahn Apichai Decha

A most unique Palad Khik tiger lingam amulet made and blessed by Ajahn Apichai. The wood used for this amulet is considered to be sacred, and is believed to possess magical powers that can bestow upon you a multiplied amount of wealth. Ajahn Apichai applied hand carved inscriptions on the surface of the wooden palad khik amulet, containing magic spells for the wearer to receive blessings in the form of increasing power, enhancement of social status, which will also lead to a significant increase of the person's charm, attraction and mercy. Furthermore, the suea tiger has very powerful magic effects of maha amnaj and metta maha niyom that endow the wearer of this amulet with the characteristics of a true leader, who is compassionate both towards his/her friends and foes. Hence, this person shall experience an increase of popularity and flourishing social and business relationships. 

View in store here: Palad Khik Suea Saming Karp Nang (Hand Carved Holy Wooden Tiger Lingam) – Ajarn Apichai is aimed at sharing historical and cultural background information on the role of the keris in the Indonesian archipelago.