Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ancient Black Coral Palad Khik with Hand Inscription from Luang Por Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub

A rare and unique piece of ancient black coral hand carved in the shape of a Palad Khik amulet. This Palad Khik is made by Luang Por Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub, back in 2537 BE. There are sacred spells in an ancient Cambodian variant of Sanskrit written on the surface of the Palad Khik amulet. Due to the extremely limited supply of ancient black coral, there only very few of these Palad Khik amulets made. Also, since the Palad Khik is made from natural coral, the shape and size of the amulet (approximately 5 cm) may thus slightly differ from one to another.

Palad khik by LP Sakorn
Black coral is believed to possess magical powers that offer protection from danger and sickness, and can bestow blessings of increasing wealth and riches.

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